A bag that only women understand

There is a bag which is simple in appearance and can be loaded inside. Therefore, regardless of season, no matter what the occasion, it will kill all the women from passers-by to stars. It is Tote Bag of the famous earthquake fashion world.

Tote Bag Chinese transliteration “Tote pack”, its origin can be traced back to seventeenth Century, and finally popular broke out in twentieth Century. In English, Tote is originally a verb, meaning “to carry”. Literally, it means holding something heavier with your hands. Later, Tote evolved into a noun, one of which means handbag, usually a larger capacity bag.

So, as a well-known Tote Bag, what charm does it have on all women?

At first, women went out to pack bags for food, such as food, so Tote Bag was made of nylon, canvas and other materials, and later developed to luxury leather, and the use of leather became popular. In the spring and summer of 2015, the Hongkong fashion brand LETABOU put out the exclusive original star product LETABOU Tote Bag, which is built with the whole cattle hide, the best quality technology, more fashionable and fashionable.

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