How to deal with the bag in summer

The intense light and high temperature of the summer sun affect the color and quality of the leather. Therefore, the direct contact between the bag and the sun should be avoided, either in walking or in the room. In the heat of summer, sweat on the shoulders or hands can also inevitably damage the leather. In the long run, it is prone to deformation and hardening.

Therefore, daily in the home for the bag to do the “sun shading” DIY small homework, with the appropriate humidity of the soft cloth for the bag to do a simple wipe, it can greatly alleviate this problem, so that sweat stains do not leave marks. Especially the bag carrying belt and joint, you need special care. The lady also can match the colored silk scarf with his beloved bag in the handbag. It not only cleverly avoids the touch of the sweat stains with the leather field in summer, but also adds a fine bright color to the whole image.

When the bag enters a short rest period, the whole exterior surface is wiped with neutral detergent and maintenance liquid, and the final steps of cleaning with the wet and soft cloth can be used to find a well ventilated and low temperature dormancy environment for the package. A number of old newspapers that can absorb moisture and form a fixed shape at the same time are put in the bag and put into the cotton dust bag. In this way, bags can comfortably and comfortably pass through the hot season and renew their original brilliance and vitality.

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