Tips on selecting a suitable handbag

I think the style of the bag is more simple, the better, but there must be fine details and good workmanship, and a rough bag will not be aesthetic in any case. I prefer soft bags to tough bags. And many people feel that the winter wear more than a big bag, the summer wear little back small, in fact, I think the opposite, the winter wear more than a small bag, can balance the vision, so as to avoid overstaffing, and the summer wear less than a big bag, not to appear light floating, but also for balance, but also for balance. . Another point is very important, that is, in summer, try not to shoulder the shoulder bag, especially the plump MM.

Of course, you want to look at the color of the eye, the more pure, the better, and the collocation, it should be based on clothes, never back a bag with the color of clothes or close to the bag, preferring to pass the red coat on the back of the green bag and don’t wear yellow coat and back a yellow bag, so silly, I think. Except in black and white.

Of course, the best is the cortex. But taking into account the cost, as long as the quality is good, broken and sparse texture can not make any good bag. However, it is best to choose a brightly colored and deep packet of sheepskin. In short, Chinese clothing can not be, a sincere and desirable bag must not be less! Otherwise, a Chinese dress will also turn into a pale paper.

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